One of the reasons I love to write is because it is so therapeutic. I enjoy writing the emotions of characters or analyzing my day in my journal. I enjoy composing letters to my sweet husband or a short lunchbox note for my daughter.  The power of words is amazing. A sentence or even a single word can change some one’s outlook for the day or even their life.

I think the most important thing I have written so far was the eulogy for my 2nd daughter, Adria. I woke up in the middle of the night – confined to a bed from breaking my back in the accident that took her life – and the words were just there, in my mind. I know it was her speaking to me. Those words she sent to me were the ones I needed. They spoke of love, faith and eternity.

I had so many people who told me that they were amazed that I would speak at the funeral. I look back now and marvel myself. I was unable to walk, a broken back and 13 other broken bones had necessitated that we push off the funeral for several weeks, but I went up in a wheelchair to share those words. My collapsed lung and subsequent tubes in my throat made speaking painful and my voice was a husky whisper.

But I needed to be up there, sharing those words. To tell all the people who came to support us about my daughter was one of those life-changing moments. The words were healing. To share my knowledge of Heaven and God and eternal life soothed my soul and comforted my broken heart. The words gave power to the emotions we were all feeling. Most importantly, those words gave us direction. As we move on in our day-to-day lives, we know where we are going. Those words reminded everyone that day to take the path through life that can bring us back to Heaven to be with our sweet Adria.



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